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Miracll Chemicals Commitment

We are committed to achieving excellent management of QHSE with the highest level of work in our daily business and production operations.

Quality System Structure

HSE excellence, Service Quality and Product Quality are primary management objectives as well as the responsibility of every member of Miracll workforce. The management team of Miracll group makes commitment to optimize QHSE management with highest performance standard in daily routine and operation.

Quality Management System

We keep improving our QHSE management mechanisms, including protecting the employees from occupational injuries, avoiding occupational illnesses and the environment contamination as well as pursuing an incident-free workplace, and demonstrating a sustained approach to Service Quality and Product Quality. This will be a critical part of our aim to be the preferred supplier. The company has set safety performance targets for every department and employee with various awards including monthly HSE award, annual advanced HSE individual award, annual excellent safety supervisor award, annual advanced HSE team award, and annual HSE goal achievement award. Through awarding the excellent employees and teams, the company aims to strengthen the HSE awareness of all the staff.

Quality Management System

Miracll has the license for safety production and the qualification for operating environmental pollution control facilities. The company has obtained the certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001 and so on by Relying on the well-established QHSE management system and people-oriented management.

Our QHSE Policy: To ensure personal health and protect life without any injury is our primary target Prevention first and keep continual improvement Environmental protection is our responsibility and the foundation for sustainable development as well. To pursue the harmony and unity of human, nature and development forever.