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TPU is a hygroscopic resin. Moisture absorbing TPU will adversely affect shaping and processing. Therefore, TPU must be kept in dry and cool place, and the bag opening product should be placed in the dryer. It is strictly forbidden to contact with water or place TPU products in high humidity places. It is forbidden to keep TPU products in open air for a long time after opening the bags.

environmental protection

According to the environmental protection regulations, TPU is a normal waste. If permitted, burying and burning can be carried out. The package of MIRATHANE < TPU is PE plastic. The waste package should be classified and recycled after use to prevent waste of resources and environmental pollution.


Please refer to MSDS for transportation, storage and processing.


The indicators and data given in this information are for reference only, and the specific guarantee indicators shall be subject to quality assurance or contract stipulations.

Users are also responsible for testing our products purchased. To verify the suitability of the proposed processes, uses and standards. The application and processing of our products are not within our control, so the users themselves are responsible.

It is our duty to assist our customers in solving technical problems arising from the use of our products. However, any indirect loss caused by technical guidance is not within the scope of our company's compensation.

Under any circumstances, our company will not bear the following responsibilities.

1) indirect, secondary, incidental loss and loss of available profits;

2) the loss of the third party other than the customer due to resale, lease and gift.

3) Purchase of other raw materials, labor losses, water and electricity losses and maintenance costs, loss of production.